Chris Marcus

Chris Marcus
From the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast, Chris has earned accolades from clients for more then fifteen years as a Director, DP and Editor. In addition to dozens of corporate and commercial clients, Chris has shot and edited two feature length films: I AM and Heart of the Country, both distributed by 20th Century Fox.
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Three Keys to Mastering Your Video Marketing Strategy

Posted by Chris Marcus on Mar 11, 2019 7:48:53 PM

Video marketing is known for its sky-high ROI, and we can vouch for that.

However, winning customers and revenue from your videos isn’t as simple as uploading them to YouTube and calling it a day.

The good news? Coming up with a successful video marketing strategy doesn't have to be rocket science.

Before you make any significant investment in video marketing, make sure you can answer these three key questions first.

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The Power of a Case Study Video

Posted by Chris Marcus on Feb 25, 2019 1:09:34 PM


The internet has opened a seemingly unlimited number of options for nearly any product or service. We can find pages of companies that specialize in solving our business needs with a quick search and connect with experts and specialists in nearly any country at the drop of a hat. But infinite options make it harder to stand out among all of these brands because now, you’re competing with everyone. 

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