How Animation can Transform Your Brand

Posted by Sean Jaques on Mar 4, 2019 3:56:45 PM
Sean Jaques

How Animation can Highlight Your Brand

Brands and animation make a terrific match. Animation has been a tool in spreading brand awareness since Saturday morning cartoons sold action figures to young children. The use of animation can grab attention in ways no other medium can. Here are four reasons why you should consider using the media to strengthen your brand.

1. They're Eye-Catching

Pop quiz: What ad set a record with 5 Grand Prix Cannes Lions? 


It has billions of YouTube views mostly in part to the adorable block characters and its throwback look. Animation can also be sophisticated in the way Hendrick’s “A Moving Picture” campaign used its label to create an indelible world.

Brands have wasted no time calling on the best in the business either, as Lyft’s collaboration with Academy Award-winning animator John Kahrs displayed. According to an article from the animation studio Spiel, “the short, seven-minute movie entitled ‘June: Life is Better When You Share the Ride’ currently has close to eight million views on YouTube, making it among the most watched ads online in recent years.” 

2. They Can Be Dumb

The non-profit university hospital NewYork-Presbyterian isn’t the first "brand" that you think of when you think of big budget Super Bowl ads. But during Super Bowl 50, the hospital collaborated with acclaimed Israeli artist Noma Bar and Seiden Advertising to explain the complex topic immunotherapy in layman’s terms. The simple 2-D imagery makes it easy to watch and easier to understand. And to belabor the point, see these Dropbox videos.

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3. They Offer Freedom

Limitation shouldn’t be synonymous with a client brief. A brand will offer its bullet points. Get those done quickly—and then let animation allow you to run wild. The audience will react.

UK based TV network, TalkTalk features an astronaut on children’s wall paper who runs wildly through all the walls in a house. Finally, the character meets his match, a princess on a lamp shade. Try pitching that in live action.

4. They Show The Good Fight

Portraying companies and their mission statement in a positive light remains challenging. But when it’s conceived through simple, beautiful animation, the way Chipotle did with “Back To The Start,” it can come together. This was a manifesto inadvertently written by Coldplay and sung by Willie Nelson, whose voice is a human manifestation of a farm. When you have something to say that cannot be overlooked, animation is the single most powerful device.

Everyone Wins

Animation allows creatives to live up to their job description and brands to take the guard rails off of the storytelling. You don't have to come up with a Cannes award-winning spot, though it wouldn't hurt. To do so, you have to have a clear objective first. Then, start exploring all the varieties of styles and types of animators 2019 has to offer.


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