Five Times You Need to Produce Videos For Your Business

Posted by Olivia Johnson on Mar 7, 2019 2:35:30 PM
Olivia Johnson

The Best Time to Produce Videos For your Business

It should be no secret that video has become a part of our everyday lives. In a world of YouTube, Facebook Live, and Instagram TV – we are amid a video revolution. More and more marketers and businesses are using video to make an impact. It's become clear that video is one of the most potent and versatile marketing tools available.

If you’re thinking about adding video content to your marketing strategy, you’re on the right track. There is an incredible amount of possibility and opportunity when it comes to video. According to Impact, 75 Million people in the U.S. watch online videos every day. But as a savvy business owner, you know that timing is everything. So when is the right time to start producing videos? Here are five examples:

1. Launching a New Product or Service

On each Kickstarter and Indigogo page, the product launch video takes a prominent position. Only video can convey not just the features and material value of the product but also the vision of the company behind it. Creating an emotional connection can help increase brand and product recognition as well as increase conversions.

2. When You Want to Create More Brand Awareness

No matter where you are in your business journey, it’s always a good idea to cultivate awareness around your brand. Having a professional video that explains what you do and why you do it is crucial to the growth of your business.

A brand awareness video is a simple but powerful way to explain why you are different from your competitors, what your company culture is, and what you believe in. Today, consumers want to know more than just the basics of a company. A brand awareness video will help to connect you with your ideal audience.

How does 130 year old brand re-define itself? If you're Mercedes-Benz you your brand anthem to tell your customers to grow up by rewriting life’s unwritten rules. 

3. When Your Current Videos Aren’t Producing the Results You Want

If the videos you have aren’t producing the results you had hoped for, it may be time to reevaluate. Maybe you aren't getting the conversions you thought you would. Or perhaps the content was filmed a while ago and needs updating. It’s always a good idea to re-examine old content and make sure it meets the quality of the brand's other marketing materials.

After years of running the same commercial Coeur d'Alene Resort commissioned a new ad that brought to light a number of improvements to the resort. The result? Following the commercial launch, the resort brought in the largest amount of tourists ever for that month.

4. When You Want to Supercharge Your Marketing

As marketers, you have many tools to help you connect to your audience, from your website to your email marketing and your paid advertising. All these tools come together to achieve one common goal. Video can be added to any of these tools to make them more effective at creating recognition, conversion and more. For example, a staggering 1200% more shares are generated by social videos than text and images combined (Digital information world). If you want to supercharge your marketing, there’s no question that video is the way to go.

For more information, check out our post on the magic of video or the power of video in social media.

5. When You Need to Convert More Customers

Are you seeing hits to your website but aren't seeing the dollar signs? If you are looking for more conversion, there’s no better tool to use than video. Many customers prefer to watch a product video before they make a purchase. What’s more, after watching a video 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online (Forbes). Don’t have a product? Adding supplemental informational videos to your email campaigns can be extremely useful in converting them into paying customers. Naturally, putting the word 'video' in the subject line boosts the open rate by 19% (Digital Information world).

In a series of in-your-face, conversion videos, Fiverr encourages users to take grab their entrepreneurial spirit and "Get Sh*t Done." These videos, with a clear Call to Action have proven extremely effective at converting viewers in to users. 

It’s hard to argue the fact that video is a leading marketing tool. You’d be hard pressed to find a more effective and versatile medium. And don’t worry, it’s never too late or too soon to start incorporating professional video into your marketing strategy. However, the sooner you begin, the faster you’ll reap the rewards!

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